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Sine/Cosine Calculator

The small thumbnail images below will show larger iPad screenshots.

The following screenshots are from the iPhone. If you have the iPad version then the main difference is that the explanations are shown on the same page as the calculations.

When the Application Starts

The main page of the App is this page. You can enter the various values you know and as soon as the App has enough information it will calculate all other values and explain how it did it on the 'Workings' Page.

To enter a value just tap the screen at or near the letter is for that value. So to specify Angle A tap the screen at the capital letter A. The label 'Value' changes to say 'Angle A' and the keypad automatically appears ready for you to enter the value.

Enter the value for the Angle and then press OK and the keypad is dismissed. The triangle now shows that angle specified.

At the top are the four rules that specify the point at which the App can calculate all the other values. Two use the Sine rules and two use the Cosine rules.

The Workings Page

The Workings Page can be reached by selecting the 'Workings' button at the top of the screen.

This page comprehensively explains how the App calculated the answers that have been given. Each answer is dealt with seperately under its own section. So if you want to look up how a specific side or angle is calculated you can look up how it was done by looking for its sections. Of course you may have to refer to earlier sections to understand how other sides and angles were calcualted because it depends on these sides and angles being calculated first.

The light blue entries in the table are the generalised explanations. The white entries are the specific explanations show the formula with the known numbers for the more generalised sides and angle letters.

Purchase Angles Calculator

This App provides the ability to purchase the other companion App - The Angles Calculator. Pressing the Angles button takes you to the purchase Angles page.

For this page to work you will need internet access and the ability to purchase the App functionality from the App Store.

When you go to this page you have to wait while the App checks the purchasing information with the App store. When the large button changes to 'Buy Now' you can select to purchase the Angles Calculator functionality. This is all handled by the App Store. All purchasing information is handled using your App Store information. Essence Computing has no access to this information.

The Angles Calculator Page

After you have purchased the new functionality you will be taken straight to the page for it. From now on when you select the 'Angles' button on the main page you will be taken to the Angles Calculator main page and not this purchasing page.

Note: If for some reason you have to delete the App, or for some other reason the App needs to be re-installed you can select to purchase again and it will be free. The App Store knows you have purchased the App before and also knows that you have purchased the additional functionality.

Side Projects

Essence Computing has been working on a time and task management tool that provides the capability that a software engineer needs. This program can be checked out at: Getting Things Done Mac

Although this program is aimed at the Mac OS X market it actually runs on all major Operating System. It has been tested on Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X 10.5, Linux. It is a Java Swing Application.