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Where is it?

The small thumbnail images below will show larger iPad screenshots.

The following screenshots are from the iPhone. If you have the iPad version then the main difference is that the main map area is much larger and the list of locations is longer.

FAQ: This App does not work properly it keeps on crashing, why?
Sometimes Apps just do not download properly. You will need to download it again, for free, using itunes. See Apple Support Pages
About half way down the page there's a set of instructions that starts 'Reinstall the affected application'. Once iTunes has it then you sync your device and it should then work. If it does not then please to contact me.

When the Application Starts

The main page shows your location on the map. This is your location determined using either GPS, wifi hotspot or mobile phone mast or a combination of them. Essence Computing is not responsible for determining your location it is Apple's location software that does this and so any problems with wrong locations should be addressed to Apple. GPS is not very good in a built up area, but wifi hot spots and phone mast locations can be accurate.

The location at the center, marked by the red cross, is the location that is used when you select 'Save' a location, you must first have typed a name for the location. This is the name of the location in the Locations list and must be unique.

By using the center of the map and not your actual position this allows you to use you actual position as a starting point and then move the map to the location you actually want to save. Or, you can change the position to somewhere else on the Earth's surface and save that location.

You can always reset the map back to your current position by selecting 'Current'.

At the bottom left is the map view selector. You can either view the map as a normal street map view or by selecting 'Hybrid' you can select to view the satellite view with the street map super-imposed on top of it.

The other two buttons at the bottom are the 'Car' button and the 'Hotel' button. These are quick link buttons that allow you to save the location of your car or hotel at the press of the appropriate button. The location saved for either is the center of the map at the point the button is pressed.

The 'Locations' button at the top right takes you to the list of locations page.

The Locations List Page

This page shows you the list of all locations you have saved. More information for each location can be seen by selecting the blue icon to the right of each location. This takes you to the Location Notes Page.

You can have as many locations as you want. They are shown alphabetically.

If you want to change the map to show you where the location is then select the location from the list and then press the 'Show' button. The page changes back to the main page where the map view changes to show you the selected location.

If you want to locate a location on the map from your current map location then select the location from the list and press the 'Locate' button. The pages changes back to the main page. The map view does not change what changes is that a line (in red) is drawn from your current location to the location selected from the list.

You can stop the red locate line from showing on the map view by selecting the 'Clear Locate' button.

The Red Locate line

This screenshot shows what you see on the map view after you have selected to locate a position in the list from the current location of the map view.

If you then start to move then the map view will change to show your current location. As you move the red locate line changes to show the direction to the selected location.

The red line is an indication of the direction you need to travel in to reach your destination. It may not be possible to travel in exactly the direction specified but that does not matter because as you move the line changes to show the new direction. So even if you are forced to go in what is the wrong direction the line will always show you he correct direction to follow.

The Satellite View

This screenshot shows the map view in Hybrid mode with the satellite information and the street map super-imposed on top. What is also shown is the red locate line super-imposed on top of that.

What this also shows is the direction of travel appears to be into someone's garden and maybe over a few fences. Now obviously this is not a valid route for if you are in a car but what it might show you as a walker is that there's a lane that you can cut through to get you to your destination.

The Notes Page

Each location can have notes saved for it. You can type anything you want here. You can also change the name of the location but it still has to be unique in the list of locations.

To dismiss the keyboard you must select 'Editing Done'.

To save the changes you have to select 'Save'. If you do not want to save the changes then select 'Cancel'.