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I have sold over One Hundred and Forty thousand Apps.  That's sold not downloads, people have paid for my Apps!

To put my sales into context that is easily in the top 1% of developers and probably the top 1% of that. 

There are tens of thousands of companies and developers out there but very few can say they've sold that many Apps.

I have helped other companies develop their Apps from initial stages through to App Store submission and acceptance.




Struggling to decide what to do? Stuck on a problem with your code, design, testing or even requirements?

I have many years of experience of all facets of programming, design, testing and requirements analysis.


Examples of my Apps

Some examples to back up my claims above.

All information from the UK App Store and was correct on the 3rd September 2016.

Example 1

My best selling App (written many years ago and still selling) is the Depth of Field Calculator App.

Keywords for the App Store: Depth of Field

Results: My App - Depth of Field Calculator is number 2 behind SetMyCamera which is free (with some very expensive In App purchases). 

Update: I decide to check the US App store and Depth of Field Calculator is 4th in that store.

My App also has In App purchases notably Exposure Calculator,  EXIF Manager and Depth of Field Variants.

Type in Exposure Calculator into the App Store and you will find one of my other Apps - Exposure Calculator.  This App  appears on the first page of App Store results.

Exposure Calculator is a stand-alone App by itself but it can also be purchased as an In App from Depth of Field and vice versa - exposure has an option to purchase depth of field.

So a user may find one of my Apps and then discover the others via In App purchases. 

This cross selling of Apps via In Apps increases my sales significantly.  The EXIF Manager is also a stand alone App but just does not get many direct purchases. However it gets better purchases via In App purchasing in both Focal and Exposure.

Overall, EXIF Manager has been sold as an In App 2.5 times more than it has been downloaded as an In App.

Example 2

One of my other top selling Apps is Alcohol Units Calculator.

Keywords for the App Store: alcohol units

Results: My App - Alcohol Units Calcultor is first!  Yes, first and ahead of FREE heavy weights such as the DrinkAware Trust. 

The DrinkAware trust people advertise on TV and I am still ahead of them.

I've even got a 5 star review from someone who has swapped from the Free Drinkaware App to mine.

Update: I decide to check the US App store and Alcohol Units Calculator is 1st in that store.

Alcohol Units will be my first App with an iWatch extension to allow you to input a new drink without using you phone.  The Watch will allow you to quickly and easily add a new drink for the day.  This will be available for Christmas 2016.

There is no App with an Apple Watch extension for this type of App. 

Hard to believe but my sales go up during the Christmas period as people start wanting to track how much they are drinking and also want an App to resolve disputes about how many units there really are in a drink.


Let me help you with your design problems.  To many people have read the design books, blogs and other people's code and think they've found the magic formula that will make things just work.  Sadly, they are rarely right.

Over the years I have honed my design skills to focus on what works not what looks and sounds sexy and up to date.  Many of these new techniques have never been used in anger on a complex system and so when used in the real world do not work.

I can guide you towards what I believe is the correct way to design Apps so they are easier to code, maintain and test.






Get the requirements document wrong for your project and it is doomed from the start.  Let us help you craft a document that is easy to understand and less prone to misleading assumptions.


The initial design of a product is essential.  If you do not do the initial design work to assess the feasibility of the product then you may miss that one killer problem that would have halted the product if you had known about it.  Let us help.


Let us help you code your product.  We are experienced in starting from scratch programming all the way to debugging of code written by others. 


Tesing is hard but essential.  Without testing programs do not perform as they should.  Most App store now do some testing before your App is released to the general public.  Without some testing you are very likely to fail even the basic checks that all do.