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Weight Monitor Mac OS X

Graph & Input View

The Graph and Input View is where you add today's weight and see the results of the new weight plotted on the graph. You can enter any weight for any day just by selecting the date using the date picker, using the wheels to select the weight and then 'Save'.

The Graph shows three pieces of information. The blue line is shows the change in weight from your initial weight to your final weight. The red up and down arrows and red diamonds show known weights for each day. If the arrow is up then you are above the average weight for the day, if the arrow is down then you are below the average weight, if it is a diamond then it is at or close to the average weight. The green line shows you the average of the last 10 days of weights. This green line is a better indicator of your real weight.

You can use the 'Previous Month' and 'Next Month' buttons to see other month's graphs. You cannot go back before the Start Date set and cannot go beyond the end date.

You can now add notes to each weight. If the weight has notes then a small blue info icon is shown next to it. Hover the mouse over the icon and see a tooltip showing the text for the note.

Month View

The month view shows you a months worth of weight values in list form. If a weight was not entered for a date then a '---' is shown.

There are now two new columns: Notes and BMI. To add notes for a weight select the row and press 'Add Note'. Type the notes and select 'Save'. If a blue icon is shown on a row then that weight has a notes associated with it. To edit the note select the row and 'Add Note'. The note already held for the weight will be shown. The BMI column is shown when you have provided your height in the Preferences Tab. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is an indication of how healthy your weight is: the recommended value is between 18.5 and 25.

Preferences - Imperial

Before this App can be used in any meaningful way you have to set the initial conditions so that the values can be calculated and the graph drawn.

You have three choices to enter your weight values: Imperial (Stones and Pounds - used in the UK and other places), Metric (kilograms - used in Europe, etc) and US Standard (used in the US, etc).

If you select Imperial then three weight wheels are used for the other two types only 2 wheels are used.

Whichever, you pick you need to choose a start date and your weight on that date and you then need to pick an end date and your desired weight on that date.

You can now specify your height (in either feet and inches or centimeters). If you do this then the BMI for the specified weight is shown in the month list view.

Preferences - US Standard

Only 2 weight picker wheels are used. You specify your weight in pounds and tenths of pounds.

Preferences - Metric

Only 2 picker wheels are used. You specify your weight in kilograms and 100gram amounts.