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Fractions Calculator

Right Angled Triangles

The App initialises itself to read all the last settings used. Obviously the first time it starts there are no saved items.

The App is made up of two tabs - one to perform right angled triangled calculations and one to perform non-right angled triangle calculations. Select the tab to perform the calculation of choice.

Each tab is split into three parts: The Input panel, the triangle display panel and the explanation panel.

To enter a value for a side or angle you click on the display panel on the side or angle you want to define. The input panel's label will change to show which side or angle was selected. Select the input field and input the value. Press Enter. If there is enough information for a calculation to be performed then the calculations are done and the explanation panel is updated to shown how it was done.

Non-right Angled Triangles

As you can see this tab is basically the same as the other tab, the only real difference is that there is another angle that can be specified. All angles can be specified.

You can specify the precision of the calculated answers on the display panel (you can do the same on the other tab).

You can also reset all the value back to nothing to start again. You can do the same on the other tab.

The explanations

This App is intended to teach you how these calculations are done not to just provide the answers. So in all cases when the answers have been calculated the explanation panel is updated to explain how it was done. If you make a mistake and specify impossible values then the explanation panel tells you that as well.

As can be seen from the screenshot the triangle specified - all three sides - is not possible. The explanation tells you this. You will need to consider what number is wrong and correct it before the App can generate a valid answer.