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Fractions/Decimals Calculator

Fraction to Decimal

This view is seen by selecting 'Fraction to Decimal' at the top of the page.

You enter the fraction you want converting by entering values for the three fields before the equals sign.

The decimal equivalent is shown. Generally, when the number ends in '...' it means that the decimal number is recurring. You can easily tell if it is because the numbers start repeating some point after the decimal point.

Not all numbers recur (PI is one such never ending decimal) so if you cannot see a pattern then assume the number is not recurring.

Decimal to Fraction - recurring

This view is seen by selecting 'Decimal to Fraction' at the top of the page.

Select the field before the equals sign and use the keypad to enter the decimal number.

You also have to indicate whether the number is recurring. In this case it is so 'Yes' has been selected. You also have to enter how many digits recur. This number is counted from the last digit specified. In this case only 2 digits are recurring but since there are only two digits are there after the decimal point this means both are recurring. You could have simplified this by putting 1.1 and saying one digit recurs. In both cases the decimal number is 0.11111111..... and so on forever.

And in this case the answer is 1/9th. This is a simple example much more complicated decimal exist especially when only the last few digits recur. In all cases the Working shown under the calculation explain how the answer was arrived at.

Decimal to Fraction - not recurring

Decimal numbers do not have to recur. If the decimal number does not recur then just select 'No' and the calculation will be done ignoring any recurring digits.

This form of conversion is much easier than when the number recurs. The App simplifies the fractional answer as much as possible.