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Finger Painting

The Main Screen

The Main Screen is made up of 4 parts: the drawing area (in the middle), the commands menu part (to the left), the shapes menu part (to the right) and the recently used colour selection part (at the bottom).

You can draw anywhere within the middle area. You can maximise the App to allow you to draw across most of the screen just use the green coloured button at the top left of the App window.

Using the Shapes menu you can change what shapes are drawn. Using the commands menu part you can select what size the shape will be.

The Commands Menu Part

Colours: If you want to change to a colour you have not used before then click on this button. The colour selection window will be shown. Click on the colour you want to use and start using it. The colour selected will be added to the recently used colours at the bottom of the screen.

Fill: This button determines whether a shape will be drawn using a gradient fill or will be one solid colour. If 'Fill' is crossed out then all shapes drawn will have a gradient fill if it is not then all shapes will have soild colour.

Undo: You can undo a shape added by pressing this button. You can undo all shapes back to the start of the drawing.

Minus: Pressing this reduces the size of the shape being drawn.

Plus: Pressing this increases the size of the shape being drawn. Using this button and the minus button you can fine tune the size all the shapes in your drawing to achieve the desired effect.

Clear: You can start a new drawing by pressing this button. You will be asked to confirm this action because there is no way to undo the action. If the clear the drawing then there is no way to get it back.

Save: You can save the drawing using this button. This allows you to save you artwork. A small dialog will be shown asking you to give the picture and name and where you want to save it. Select Save on the dialog and the picture will be saved.

The Shapes Menu Part

The shapes you can use to draw your picture are shown to the right of the drawing. You can select from hexagon, line, splodge, star, diamond, square and circle. Each of these shapes shows how it will be filled when you draw it. If the shapes are all solid colours then this is how they will be drawn. If they are all drawn with gradient fill then this is how they will be drawn. You can toggle this using the fill button on the other side of the drawing.

The splodge shape and the line are special cases when it comes to drawing. The splodge changes shape each time you draw it. The line draws by starting and holding down the mouse button to move to the next point you want to draw the line to. Lifting the mouse button completes the line.

The Recent Colours Part

The recent colours part at the bottom of the window is just a quick selection way to choose a colour you have already used in the painting.

Just select the colour from this part that you want to use and it will be the drawing colour.

The Colour Selection Window

The window allows you to select the colour you want to use. Just select the colour by clicking on the colour and the window closes. The next shape you draw will be drawn using the selected colour.

Note: Some of the very dark colours are very like black when solid colours are being used but look better when the gradient fill is being used. The opposite is true for the light colours they look better when using solid fill because they just look white when gradient fill is being used.