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Jim Chapple is now working full time on iphone/ipod touch and iPad applications.

Jim Chapple also works on Mac OS X Apps.

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Finger Painting

FAQ: This App does not work properly it keeps on crashing, why?
Sometimes Apps just do not download properly. You will need to download it again, for free, using itunes. See Apple Support Pages
About half way down the page there's a set of instructions that starts 'Reinstall the affected application'. Once iTunes has it then you sync your device and it should then work. If it does not then please to contact me.

All menus showing

This screen shows the App after I had been drawing for approximately 5 minutes.

The screen has a picture on it and also to either side it has the two on screen menus. The left menu are the commands that affect the drawing. The right menu shows the drawing shapes that can be used.

On the left menu you can save the painting, clear the painting, increase and decrease the size of the shapes, Undo the last shape added, decide whether the shapes are drawing with solid colour or with a gradient colour and close the menu.

On the right menu you can select to the shape to draw with and close the menu. The menu shows the shapes in the style they will be drawn. So, in this case the shapes will be drawn with a gradient colour fill because on the left hand menu the word 'Fill' is crossed out; if it was not crossed out then the shapes would be drawn with solid colour.

How to show the menus

To show any of the menus, the command menu, the shapes menu or the colours menu you need to touch two of the corners in a specific order without touching any other part of the screen. The first corner that has to be touched is the bottom left hand corner. The corner the will flash between a red circle and a black square. If you touch this corner correctly then the screen will start flashing with the four corners. To cancel just select the red corner again.

To select to show the commands menu then select the green corner. The flashing corners will stop and the commands menu will be shown.

To select to show the shapes menu then select the blue corner. The flashing corners will stop and the shapes menu will be shown.

To select to show the colours menu then select the orange corner. The flashing corners will stop and the colours screen will be shown.

As you can see from the screen shot the flashing areas partially obscure the drawing but do not be worried they have no effect on the painting.

The Colour Selection Screen

The screen allows you to select the colour you want to use. Just select the colour by touching the screen at the place the colour is and the screen changes back to the drawing. The next shape you draw will be drawn using the selected colour.

Note: Some of the very dark colours are very like black when solid colours are being used but look better when the gradient fill is being used. The opposite is true for the light colours they look better when using solid fill because they just look white when gradient fill is being used.

Example 1

This screen shows some of the shapes using gradient fill and various colours.

Example 2

This screen shows some of the shapes using solid fill and various colours.

Images created using the App

By Claire Coornaert - produced using this App and another called Face Melter.

By Me (Jim Chapple)

By Claire Coornaert

By Claire Coornaert

By Claire Coornaert