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Jim Chapple is now working full time on iphone/ipod touch and iPad applications.

Jim Chapple also works on Mac OS X Apps.

Please email Jim Chapple for support issues, information and quotes.

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Essence Computing produces simple but effective iphone and iPad apps that are selling on the iTunes App Store. We have full lifecycle experience of developing Apps from the initial idea all the way through to getting the App listed on the iTunes Store and updating it to include additional functionality.

Recently, we have also branched out into producing Mac OS X Apps for sale on the App Store. These Apps are able to utilise the awesome computing power of desktop machines. The Mandelbrot App is used to generate fractal images. It takes billions of calculations to generate just one image. There are an infinite number of images hidden within the Mandelbrot set.

We are happy to create iphone/iPad Apps for other individuals and companies. If you have an idea and believe it can be a world beater (the next killer App) we will be happy to advise on the next steps to realise your dream of world dominance. We cannot, of course, guarantee world dominance but that does not mean that you will not achieve it.

Please email Jim Chapple for more information and a quote.

Unlike many Apps in the App Store Essence Computing is committed to maintaining them. Feel free to email Jim Chapple with any ideas, requests or changes.

Below are a couple of examples of the iPhone Apps and Mac OS X Apps that have been produced by Essence Computing.

These are just some of the Apps that Essence Computing produces the links to the left take you to pages dedicated to each of the Apps produced.

Mandelbrot Mac OS X App.

This App is a Mac OS X that generates images from the Mandelbrot set and then allows the user to colour them in using a spread of colours selected by the user. This App is capable of detecting how many processors there are available for use and splitting the billions of calculations across the processors to speed up the App. Even doing this it can take over a minute to generate an image and draw it.

It is quite amazing what is now possible with modern machines. These types of calculations used to take hours and now take no more than a few minutes.

Checkout Calculator

This App takes your current darts score and calculates all possible combinations of three darts that will allow you to win. It all looks quite simple but behind the scenes a great deal of maths was involved to determine all the possible outs for every possible number.

You can use this when practice to help you determine the best course of action. The App can also tell you what outs are possible with two darts and even one dart. So, if you had wanted double 19 with your first dart but you only got a 19 then type this into the App and it will recalculate what outs are possible with your two remaining darts.

Forage App.

This App is an aid to the ancient art of foraging. It includes information about the various free foods that can be found, how to identify them and even what parts to eat. Each food has at least one picture to aid in identification.

The App also uses the GPS to record the location of the find and then to recall those locations on the Map. This enables you to note the locations of foods that you have found so that you can come back to them when they are ready to be harvested.

Unlike the previous App this App uses a large amount of pre-prepared information and images to present to the user in an easily accessible form. All the images can be zoomed to inspect the finer points and are invaluable in determining whether you have found what you think you have found.

Finally, to aid in identification the App also includes a search function that allows you to search for what food have specific characteristics, such as white five-petalled flowers.

Weight Monitor Mac OS X App.

This App is a Mac OS X version of one of my iPhone Apps. It allows a user to record their daily weight and to see it plotted on the chart so that you can easily understand how you are doing. It also shows a line (in blue) that shows you your target weight for that day. It also shows your averaged weight (in green) that is a more accurate indication of you underlying weight. It averages your last 10 weights and shows that so it is not unduly affected by a weight reading that is suddenly up or down on the moving average weight.

This App uses the low-level drawing capabilities to graphically present the information to the user.

Custom Built Programs

Essence Computing is also a producer of small bespoke software solutions. We can provide a quote for any sized job. We always provide an assessment of the feasibility of the task.

Ever needed to:

Well maybe what you really need is a program that will do this for you. This is called a Bespoke Program and these are generally written to perform time consuming activities or solve complex problems that can be done manually but take a long time.

Depending on the complexity of the task having a program written specifically for your needs may be the most cost effective solution to your problems. If you have to constantly perform a task manually then all the time spent doing this is wasted when it may be that a program could perform the task in seconds.